Moving Matters

December 23, 2008 at 8:32 pm 1 comment

I think moving is one of those things that really motivates me to spend, spend, spend. Of course, when you’re moving into a new place, or at least when I am, is usually a terrible time to spend. You have to pay a deposit, rent, sometimes first and last month and a broker’s fee, you need to pay for gas to drive your stuff there, etc. You need to either hire movers or buy food for the kind friends that help you, or maybe just be super mighty. I am not super mighty, by the way.

But a new place needs new stuff! When I moved into my last place I needed a tv stand, and door hooks, and baking supplies, and all new bathroom stuff since my old stuff didn’t match the tiles in the new place.

The shower curtain I totally, completely needed. And ended up not getting-I got a different one.

The shower curtain I totally, completely needed. And ended up not getting-I got a different one.

I am lying. I didn’t need any of those things. But I wanted them, and they were useful, and I got them. It’s not bad that I got them. The problem is that I identified those wants as needs.

Now I am moving to a new place again. I want a dresser, and new towels and maybe some baskets and a toothbrush holder for the bathroom, (what can I say, I like matching bathrooms,) and a rug and a new litter box, and probably some other things.

The dresser is practically a need, since otherwise there is nowhere for my clothing to go except in a big pile, and since I have no car it makes sense to get a cheap new one that can be delivered. The bathroom, well, if I see it cheap I will probably get stuff. Matching bathrooms make me happy! I only want a couple things, and, well, we have to give into wants somewhere. The rug I am going to try and trick my boyfriend into buying if I am getting the dresser. The new litter box is a straight up luxury, and I am going to skip it-I just one that looks nicer since it will be more visible, but the one I have is covered with a dome and looks fine, and I can maybe put an end table we already have over it.

I have to be strict with myself! As J.D. at Get Rich Slowly always says, nobody cares more about my money than I do. Nobody else is going to make sure I don’t waste money that could go towards a down payment on a cute lamp I’ll probably leave behind when I move.

I also need warm things since I am moving to a colder climate. There, at least, I’m excited to not spend. I realized I have a winter jacket from high school I can use. It’s 10 years old, but I’ve barely worn it in that time and it’s super warm. And since it’s from 10 years ago, it’s probably back in. Or, I don’t care, because it’s warm. I already own scarves I also don’t wear, and my mom is always trying to give me gloves so I can just actually take some next time she offers, or find some that she gave me in the past. What can I say, I hate bundling up as much as I love matching bathrooms. I’m all about the hoods and use of pockets.

I do need to buy new boots though. All my current boots were bought with motivations other than surviving a New Hampshire winter. I almost bought some Bear Paws on sale at Target the other day, but with shipping I felt they weren’t worth it. So, any recommendations for cheap, warm, tough (or tough-ish) boots? Or ways to not spend on a new place?


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  • 1. Adiel  |  December 26, 2008 at 5:26 am

    I feel ya, I always have a much looser pocketbook after moving. I need to make your blog a much more regular visit. Not having a full time job has caused me to cut out almost all expenses except for the bills. I should follow your lead and keep it going even when I do get another job.

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