Saving on a Wedding, Pt. 2

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This is post two of a three-post guest series by Ali of Tattered, Tagged, Treasured on how she saved a ton without cutting anything they valued on her wedding:
The Site
Luckily, relatively simple, homespun elements fit in very well with our style. Let’s start with the site because we lucked into finding it, and we had it before we even asked our band to play. Eric’s father knew someone at work who had been to a wedding way out on Long Island and he thought it sounded like it was right up our alley. We checked out the website and made an appointment and that was pretty much that.

Our site was $1,200 and we have free reign for the whole day, but it came with nothing except the use of the space. For a bride who needs to save some money, an all-in-one wedding is only a good deal if you have a large wedding or don’t want to hassle with the nitty-gritty details of your wedding. Our invite list was well under 100 and our wedding is non-religious, so we saved a lot of money by having the ceremony and reception in the same place. And that place was an old, slightly ramshackle mansion with a lovely grand ballroom and lots of character. The public grounds include a wraparound porch, a bridal suite, a dining room, a commercial kitchen, two sitting/receiving areas, three bathrooms and one large open room in addition to the ballroom and yard.


Since our quote was so reasonable, we didn’t even try to haggle, but many places allow you to. Because we didn’t haggle and there was instant like between the caretakers and us, we were allowed to store anything we’d like the whole week before. This was a big time saver on the actual day. [Ed. Note: we actually were allowed in the day before since they didn’t have an event that day, so almost all the set-up was done then.]

If you can keep a straight head about it, I highly recommend looking for spaces with a more customizable experience. This means every step of the way you can make everything meet your own price point. If you live in a major city, looking for a slightly more out-of-the-way place can also help cut costs.


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