Goals Update

September 16, 2008 at 8:58 pm 1 comment

Well, last week was fantastic for my goals! I stayed so far under budget that I managed to “replace”* the $11 I’d gone over the week before. I made M/W/F updates and I felt like I actually had things to say each time. For goal #3, I didn’t get any extra income but I did update a resume and it’s almost ready to send out, so I accomplished something. For goal #4, I got ready for a book swap, and in doing so I enjoyed what I already had. I realized in sorting through books how many books I had that I hadn’t actually read yet. I piled them up and started getting through as many as I could, and managed to get almost the whole way through the stack before the swap.

This week I am already over budget and it’s only Tuesday-I still have two days to get through, and I know I need to buy food in there. Actually, in writing that now I just figured out a way to put off buying food-go me.

I have a freelance job to do this week, so I just have to find the time to do it. Fortunately, it’s one I am actually kind of looking forward to doing.

The book swap was great-I got about six books and managed to get rid of about two suitcases worth of books. It was also a really good time, with great company and food. We went out to dinner after, and that was also fine for my budget. The only problem was the amount of money I spent on things to make a cake for the gathering. Lately I seem to spend a lot more when I cook something then when I buy something pre-made. This is partially because I’ve run out of a lot of ingredients, so it should balance out again soon, but it is kind of silly.

I also failed to post an update on my goals on Friday, but I’m not that stressed about that.

How did your week go?

*apologies to my old writing prof for the use of the quotation marks.


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  • 1. Ali  |  September 16, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    Well, don’t forget I owe you $20. I don’t know if you’re counting that in your over budgetness or not.

    The book swap was so much fun. Thank you for getting me invited!

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