Free is Better Than Cheap

August 20, 2008 at 9:05 pm 1 comment

I love free things.

Yesterday I got a free haircut at a training school. And because they couldn’t seat me when I came for my last appointment, I also had a $20 product credit that I used to buy a very expensive ($20) bottle of shampoo. I was almost out of my regular shampoo so that was perfect =)

Until I got the shampoo I had planned to make do with a free sample of shampoo I had gotten in the mail. I know some people get almost all toiletries free through samples and playing the coupon game/CVSing. I am so not there yet, and maybe ever. I have been getting great samples through It’s a site a friend from college made that is pretty popular as a freebie site-it goes through a bunch of other freebies sites and listings and pulls what seem to be legitimate offers, not contests or scams. Then people give feedback and it continues to gather freebies with knowledge from the feedback. So far I’ve learned that Walmart has the best free samples most of the time. I’ve gotten free shampoo, makeup samples, cereal, tampons, pledge wipes, toothpaste samples, and a razor. The razor was my favorite; it’s really nice.

Back on the haircut. The haircut itself I am not so happy with, It’s a perfectly cute haircut, but it is not me at all. I’m going to see if Ali can fix it by trimming the back a bit. It’s kind of hit or miss with these free haircuts, but since I am pretty flexible about my hair and don’t mind going super short, I never worry about it. I can also get free hair coloring there, and I am completely in love with the color I got last time.

I think if I had paid for the haircut, or taken more than half an hour off work to get it I’d be upset right now. But because it was free I don’t mind chopping it up and I can just be amused by it until it is fixed.


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  • 1. Ali  |  August 21, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    I will do my best. I think it’s totally fixable.

    Thanks for recommending the B&B free haircuts to me! I am totally happy with the one I got and I can’t wait until my hair grows out enough to have it done again.

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